‘Mac’s Christmas Present’ – Just published!

I will be the first to admit that this has been a very difficult year. It has been a year when I have struggled to get into any kind of flow with my writing. Until very recently that is. I am so grateful that, at last, I will be able to publish something in 2022. Not only a book but a Christmas book too.

I have been trying for the last few years to write a Mac Maguire novel set at Christmas but, however hard I tried, nothing came to me. So, it is in something like wonder that, very late in the day, the plotlines for Mac’s Christmas Present popped into my head.

Like my third book, The Weeping Women, it features two cases. However, at around 40k words, it’s somewhat shorter than most of my books so I will be selling it at a reduced price.

Anyway, here’s the blurb –

‘Christmas is looming and Mac is on tenterhooks as he awaits the birth of his first grandchild. In order to pass the time, he reluctantly takes on the job of catching an office thief. However, he soon finds that something much more serious than petty larceny might be going on. He enlists the help of Leigh Marston and together they discover the truth.
The second case is that of a hunt for a missing heir. He discovers that the man he is looking for had disappeared seven years ago in suspicious circumstances. He was rich, successful and had a beautiful young wife, yet he appears to have walked out one evening and nothing had been heard from him since. His wife is in a hurry to declare him dead so that she can get her hands on her husband’s considerable fortune but Mac has his doubts. On reading the police reports, he suspects that the missing heir may well have been murdered and his wife is in the spotlight.
However, Mac is in for more than a few surprises and a festive season that he will never forget.’

You can buy it here – Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada / Amazon Australia

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