The Tiger’s Back – Just published!

book coverThe ninth Mac Maguire detective mystery The Tiger’s Back is now available in Amazon Books. Here’s the blurb –

‘It’s January and winter is biting hard. Mac has been asked to investigate the brutal murder of a homeless man in London by his grieving daughter. Meanwhile two of Mac’s police colleagues are looking into the suspicious death of a Cambridge history professor. Their paths cross and they realise that both deaths are somehow linked.

During the investigation Mac meets someone from his past, someone he’d hope that he’d never see again. The Tiger, the most fearsome and violent criminal that Mac had ever dealt with, is once again loose on the streets.’

The book is mostly set in London and Cambridge but there’s little I can say about it that wouldn’t be a spoiler except that Mac’s investigation into the death of a homeless alcoholic soon becomes a matter of national importance.

The tiger on the cover is actually the photo of a tattoo of a tiger. I’d already finished the second draft of the book and had described the tattoo that one of the main characters had on his back when I went looking for images. Amazingly I found this one which is exactly the tattoo I’d described! (Many thanks to Erman Kayaalp for sharing the photo).

I hope you like the book. If you want to tell me what you thought about it you can leave a review in Amazon or contact me via

You can buy the book here – Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada

I’ve already started on the tenth Mac Maguire novel which is entitled The Eight Bench Walk. It’s set in Cyprus where Mac is on a long holiday and guess what? There’s a suspicious death.

Good reading.




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