Another review and how readers can help

Book coverI recently posted about different types of reviews and how most reviews, including negative ones, can be really useful. I’ve just published the sixth Mac Maguire novel, Two Dogs, and I’ve received my first review –

5.0 out of 5 stars  Waiting and hoping…
By Linda D Hoffman on November 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I’m waiting and hoping that there will soon be a Book 7, 8, 9 and on. I have really liked this series and all of the stories in it. I do hope that someone spends some serious time editing any further books though. Hate when I have to stop and reread because of such poor editing. If you can see beyond the errors, I do recommend the Mac Maguire detective mysteries. Continue reading

Four book reviews and what they mean

5 Mac Maguire booksIf you’ve spent even a few minutes looking at the Amazon KDP Writers Forum then you will know how exercised authors can be on the subject of book reviews. If they don’t get any then they are sad but if they get reviews and they are somewhat negative then they’re even sadder. Some old hands have pointed out that amassing loads of good reviews doesn’t always mean increased sales. So why are reviews so important to authors?

I can only speak personally but I read all my reviews and getting a good review cheers me up. Why? Because, after all those days and weeks spent sitting alone banging away at my keyboard, it’s like a reader popping by and saying ‘Well done!’ However, it’s strange, but a somewhat less than positive review can sometimes be even better. Below I’ll show you four reviews and talk about the affect they had on me. Continue reading