Just published – The Blood Moon Murders

The twelfth Mac Maguire mystery has now been published. This one is a little different to the other eleven is that it has a supernatural element to it. I’ve always loved ghost stories and I’ve been looking for a way that I might incorporate this into a Mac Maguire story for some time. Finally, the idea came to me and so I’ve run with it.

I hope that fans of the series won’t be too thrown by this as the book is still very much a crime mystery. However, it’s also my hope that the new added supernatural aspects might just make it a little bit different and in a good way. I’m also aware that Halloween is upon us and so I’m delighted to get it published just in time for the occasion.

The blurb –

It’s October and, with Halloween approaching, Mac has been having a recurrent nightmare. He finds himself in a dark wood being tracked by unseen presences. A blood-red Moon hangs in the sky as he fearfully walks down a path overhung by crippled trees. He hears a piercing scream and comes across the body of a young girl. She is dead and her lips are as blood-red as the Moon. There is a word written in blood on her forehead. As he bends over to try and read the word, her eyes open and that’s when Mac wakes up. Then, on a bitterly cold morning, a shaken Mac takes his dog for a walk in the woods when he hears a scream. A woman backs out onto the path and points to the dead body of a young girl.
A girl with blood-red lips…

I’ve really enjoyed writing this one and I hope that you enjoy reading it.

Happy Halloween!

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