Just published – A Concrete Case of Murder

The eleventh book in the Mac Maguire detective series has just been published. Here’s the official blurb –

‘Mac is just back from holiday and is once again getting bored when he is asked to help out by the local police. It turns out to be one of the strangest thefts that Mac has ever come across – a whole house has gone missing! Evidence is hard to find but, with some creative thinking and the help of his partner, Mac finds himself on the track of a suspected murderer. Despite his best efforts, tragedy strikes, and he is left to wonder if the murderer will ever be brought to justice and whether this might be a case that he will never recover from.’

This book has been a long time coming. Since I retired and started writing full-time, I’ve been averaging two books a year. It’s taken well over a year just to produce this one. I hope that it’s been worth waiting for!

Before I publish anything, I send my drafts out to a panel of readers who tell me what they think and point out my many mistakes. This book has been no different. So, I’d like to thank my wife Kathleen, Jean, Kay, Patricia and the latest recruits, Helen and Jennifer, for their help in improving the book. However, I find that their biggest contribution is the confidence they give me when it comes to pushing the ‘Publish’ button. I always find it difficult to judge a new book and, as it’s part of a series, my main worry is whether I might have let the series down somehow. So, their comments on the overall quality of the read really help.

I also have to thank my surgeon, Mr. Vasdev, who carried out the same operation on me as is carried out on Tim Teagan in the book and to Jim who gave me the idea of the ‘house that wasn’t there’ in the first place.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and, whatever you think of the book, don’t forget to leave a review. I read every review, including the negative ones, and I’ve found them at times to be immensely helpful.

Now it’s on to Mac Maguire twelve, working title The Blood Moon Murders. It’s hopefully going to be a slightly spooky one that is set around Halloween.

A Concrete Case of Murder‘ is now available in Amazon Books UK / Amazon Books US / Amazon Books Canada

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