Why we should all be grateful this Christmas!

After the year we’ve all just had you might think that there would be very little to be grateful for. However, being something of a Christmas nut, I thought that it might be good to end the year on a positive note. So, a few things that we might be grateful for…

Covid has shown us that what some people do is really important. I found it strange that many people who are on low, or even minimum wages, turn out to be really important cogs in ensuring that vital tasks are carried out. So let’s be grateful to our hospital workers (and not just the doctors and nurses but the cleaners and porters too), care home workers, police and emergency service workers, supermarket workers and delivery drivers, public transport workers, rubbish (garbage) collectors, pharmacy workers, etc etc. It seems that we can operate just fine without vastly overpaid ‘celebrities’ and financial whiz kids but not these. (N.B. People often lump sports stars into this category but life without football would be bleak indeed).

The pandemic has brought out the best in many. But, unfortunately, not everyone. (Negativity warning). There are those of us who cry ‘Personal liberty’ as an excuse to go maskless so they can then share the virus with all their family, friends and anyone else that they come into contact with. They are, at best, morons and, at worst, something quite malign. However, let’s be grateful that most of us have supported each other through such a difficult time as best we could. Small acts of personal kindness have abounded this year and this makes me feel good about being part of the human race.

…and finally, let’s be grateful that the year is coming to an end. I thought that I’d never believe that a year could be jinxed but now I’m not so sure. However, as it closes, vaccines are waiting in the wings ready to ensure that 2021 will, eventually, be virus-free. However, ‘getting back to normal’ is not what I hope will happen. ‘Normal’ means ignoring climate change, electing populist political leaders who have brought disaster on their countries because they are absolutely useless and the raising up of vacuous ‘celebrities’ and the super-rich who are admired for cornering resources that would be better shared between us all.

I hope that the pandemic has taught us that, as it is no respecter of wealth, colour, religion or ethnicity, we are really all the same. As a species, we are still vulnerable and it is only by working together that we can truly progress. I’d really like to see a world where a supermarket shelf stacker or hospital cleaner is counted as contributing more to society than those who seem to be admired solely because they look good or because they, or their parents, happen to be rich. So, let’s all look on the bright side so we can truly say…

‘Merry Christmas and God bless us every one’


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